What you never knew
2002-02-25 05:25:31 (UTC)

Matts house

okay guys...yes I actually went to matts house today. He
really did make all my troubles and problems go away. I
knew that he would because he always does. Sigh..okay I'm
going to go into some stuff now because I just gotta write
this down. I mean I'm not a sick person or ne thing and I
am definately not one of those sex crazed maniacs..but
being a human being I do think about it once in a while.
Who doesnt?? And yes I do think about people too...But we
wont go into that. Yea back to matt's house..okay well it
just completely amazes me how like we fit together. I dont
mean that in a bad way but I mean like, when he's holding
me..his arms just fit perfectly around me like no one else
ever has. And I am not going to go into particular detail
but kissing him and making out with him on his couch..gaah
he like finds these ways without knowing I
dont know what I'm talking about right now but yea. It was
just such an amazing nite. I really wish that he could know
the way that he makes me feel. I dont even know how to
describe it.......its just..yea. He put me in such a good
mood, that when I got home and my room was a complete mess
from my sister and all my shit was tore up..I just shrugged
it off and I forgave her. He has this overwhelming affect
on me...Like there was this one point where he was laying on me and
we were just chillin and he had his head on my chest and he said that
he could hear my heart beating..and I could feel was just
like amazing. The feeling that I had was so hard to
was..heaven, bliss, totally and utterly..sigh lol. Okay I'm sure I'm
just rambling I'll go.
peace out till next time...amie

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