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2002-02-25 05:12:47 (UTC)


So it was Sunday today. I had a fun filled day of
driving all over Michigan: E. Lansing to Stockbridge,
Stockbridge to Jackson, Jackon to E. Lansing and E. Lansing
to Mt. Pleasant!!!!! Oh Yeah! Jackson was the usual
boring ole' wedding shower crap. But I did get to go see
my Uncle Jim so I was happy I went. He's one of my
favorites, shhh don't tell anyone. I'd rather hang out with
him than a bunch of old girl cousins and aunts. Too many
people all together, I prefer small gatherings I do much
better:) Then my mommy took me to Subway and we hung out
for a little while, that was fun times. Heheh I was so
tired from last night's lack of sleep that I had to stop at
TJ's and sleep for an hour so I could make it back up
here:) Isn't he sweet, he let me nap in his big cozy bed:)
Alrighty beddy bye time.