Mah Life
2002-02-25 04:01:12 (UTC)

Well,I dont think I am readt to..

Well,I dont think I am readt to talk to Brian about it,
but like yes I guess I have to know(me n my big mouth)Like
yea I guess it will make me feel better,thanks Liz for
allways being there n helping me out. I was talking 2
Brian on the phone 2day and he hung up on me,I started
crying, don't ask me why, He acttually called me back,I
was like umm shocked n stuff. Well I gues I have 2 think
of something to tell him,I dont want to tell him the truth
I just dont want to loose him, and I honestly can't think
of any way to say, hey brian you hurt me all the fucking
time. So like yea, I know eventually he'll read this,damn
wheres Liz when I need somebody to talk to.
Well I'm grounded from the internet for 2days and my mom
was being nice and gave me 5minutes,so like yea bye!