Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-25 03:51:05 (UTC)

DNF!!!!! Freaking A!

OK, Travis!!!! Ahhh! Just randomly pull of the track its
ok! Jeez! Freaking 2nd too! Ahhhh *dies* ... At least MC
finally podiumed, that was cool. And I was shocked hardly
anyone was calling in to talk to James, and those who did
asked stupid questions. I even thought about calling for
crying out loud! Yep anyways... no race next weekend which
kinda sucks... But Daytona will rock, hopefully anyway.
*Eating gummy bears* These things rock. They are almost
so cute you feel bad for eating them... ok maybe not. But
they are good.
Hummm... Steve was actually at church today. Playing the
bass! Heh, but I didn't get to talk to him cause LuBaba
wanted to see my car. So that sucked and I doubt he
noticed I was there. So grrr...
Tracita... humm interesting twist to my name... It
brings out the Spanish in me ... or lack there of anyway.
Jeez, I hated Espanol... Only thanks to Gini, did I pass
the final. Heh. Good times...
Saw Dorothy at the Shopette, she had just been in a
grease fight and looked very scary. I was afraid, which
doesn't say much, but whatever...
Its supposed to snow tonight, damn. I hate the snow, its
a pain in the ass and I hate being cold! *grumbles* Ok,
well I didn't do any of my homework, but I don't care. My
grades are really going to drop when I start working, heh.
Oh well ... so long 3.7 GPA... *bombs falls and Demeter
Riight, I'm going to bed now ... this was a pointless
entry... well hey, all of my entries are so never mind