Queen Bee

2002-02-25 03:40:24 (UTC)


I have cried so many times yesterday, i dont think i can
cry anymore. me and my b/f are no longer. He broke up with
me for reasons i really dont understand. apparently he
broke up with me becuase theirs a lot of stress in his life
and his mom and fred are fucking with his head and hes all
confusedbut he didnt wanna break up with me cuz apparently
he like loves me so much and really didnt want to which
kinda makes me feel better but not really cuz we cant be
together. I thought it was because of me, but it wasnt, but
still i am sad. last night he asked jesse if i was okay and
jesse told him i was crying and he started crying. its all
just to much and i respect his decision but it doesnt mean
i like it. today was better but still not a happy day. i
went shopping got some clothes which brightens my day but
still, im just scared me and him will never be together
again. and i care a lot about him, not wuite sure if i love
him quite yet but i still cant wait til were together again.