2002-02-25 03:28:55 (UTC)

Weird Dreams

I woke up this morning with something strange. I remembered
most if not all of my dreams. I remembered I dreamed of
coming to Teresa's house. Although you lived in a mansion.
Kinda like Lara Croft, and you were high in authority too.
When I first arrived at your house you were a little
nervous and I didn't know why. So you tried to get me out
of the garden where you were feeding your anaconda, and
your servents were tending to the garden. So you took me
out of the way by some maze like places nearby. We didn't
go deep though. We were looking at a pool I think and
talking. I told you I was surprised that you had such a
cool pet. Later I realized why you were so secretive. Your
friends (Mark, Andrew, and some chick) came by. The funny
thing is that you don't know this chick. I do. She goes to
my school. But anyway, you introduced us. (Just to Mark and
Andrew though) Then you and Mark started talking and Andrew
and I got friendly. ;)

Then I had more but I don't remember them. Oh well. I had a
funny one yesterday though. I don't remember how it started
out, but eventually believe it or not Dale wanted to get
with me. I mean he was really trying to adjust his life to
mine. It was reall sweet, and it felt reall cool. I woke up
with a cool feeling.

Now about my weekend, it was great! I was okay with not
seeing Queen of the Damned, but I got evem happier when I
spent my whole day yesterday doing homework. I completed
all of it. (even for March 5 or something like that) All
except this thing for English where we gotta make 7, 1 and
a half page Diary enteries. I'd normally finish it, just
take something out of this, but 4 of them were suppose to
be about current events. And I never write about those. So
I only got one. Besides, all my enteries here are a little
too vague, short and not all too good with how my teacher
wants to write it. (This will take some time) And I have
that. But anyway, I'm very happy cause I also went to sleep
early, even though I couldn't sleep.

I woke up early today and was full of 1/2 hope. I knew I
had a task to do, but I also knew I will not fully complete
it. My library book, The Return of the King, is due on
Wednesday, and until yesterday I was on page 40, instead of
400. Today I beat my record of most pages read from 125 to
210, and am very happy. If I read all day Monday
and Tuesday, plus two more chapters today, I might just
make it by Wednesday. Oh wich reminds me, I gotta remind
myself to stay after school on Tuesday so that I can get
Extra credit which I need if I want an A.

I'm gonna go read now and hopefully get a goodnight's rest
so chow!!!


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