~*~Scrolls of Insanity~*~
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2002-02-25 03:27:25 (UTC)

The second chapter in a world of chapters....

LOL...I just read over the title to this thing.

Well...How's life treating me you might ask? HA! I chuckle
at the question!! My life right now is like a flat line on
a heart monitor. NO! I'm not dead! I mean that nothing all
that exciting has happend. Also I hear a constant pitch
in my head! OK...just kidding about that last part.

As far as that book I was writing goes...SCREW THAT! I had
a gut instinct to stop. Well, critism from Matt helped to!
lol. "stick to poems Christine!". I thought long and hard
about starting a new screenplay after my last one was a
bust. I havn't started it yet...but I kept the idea. I
might make it into a book. I'll just dodge the critism. The
idea is inspiried by my friends, mainly Perla (and my best chum sam
who I will talk about later), who I
affectionatly call my "company". I feel so important around
her. I'm like her little sister that can never piss her
off! lol. So, she is most certainly in the book. She know
all about it. She said she waiting for me to become a
famous director so she can interview me...and so I can hook
her up with David Schwimmer! lol. But..she said she's only
99.9% obcessed with him and 100% obcessed with Luis (who
apparantly is the world's most perfect man!). I'm still
waiting to meet him! lol.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOkay...I'm just rambling on and on and
on and on and on and on and on *takes a deep breath* and on
and on. lol. I suppose there is nothing to talk about. I'll
depart now. See ya around!!

I shall leave you with a quote from the play TITUS
ANDRONICUS....(my favorite play and movie and quote)
"...Clear up fair queen that cloudy countenance. Though
chance of war has wrought this change of cheer, thou comest
not to be mad a scorne in Rome. Princely shall be thy
usage...every way."

~*~Chris~*~ (the director)