can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-02-25 03:16:54 (UTC)


whoops, haven't been here in a while! not too much has been
going on in my life... me and sardou are still together,
and good. nikki dumped jared. rin might play marian in
music man over the summer!! :D so happy for her, she
deserves it.
olympics...good stuff! sarah hughes usurped everything and
won the gold. her routine was amazing, she completley
deserved it! michelle kwan fell, got the bronze. :*( i
really wanted her to win, but fairly. irina got the silver,
which even though i was pissed she beat michelle, she
deserved it.
on feb. vacation-don't have to go back to school until
tuesday, thankfully!
preparing for get on the bus and movie night w/ amnesty.
having random attacks of horrible nerves, but i'm excited
for both events. i think. ::cringe:::
went skiing over vaca, monday through friday. was lots of
fun, we were up at cranmore w/ all dads friends from
growing up (the corbos, dixons, hobins...) twas fun, minus
the louise aspect. bitch. oh well. only got one bruise,too!
well just thought i'd check in. ta