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2002-02-25 02:21:07 (UTC)

One of my "moments"

Every so often, I hav days where I can't help but look at
the people around me....the happy ones...the ones who have
people that they say "I love you " too everyday, and they
here those magical words in return....."I love you too." I
can't help but think sometimes, why not me too. Lately it
seems that everyone I'm interested in keeps saying "You're
such a great friend, I'm glad that your my friend." It's
almost to the point that I've come to hate that word,
friend.......I'm everyone's friend, nobody's companion. I
hear it far to often too. Whats worse is I even heard the
other day "if you weren't so far away....and I wasn't
younger then you, and I wasn't with the person I'm with,
then I'd go out with you". Fat lot of good that does me.
SO today, I'm pretty much stuck here, in one of my moments
of semi-depression, wondering if I'll ever here those
magical words.....I love you too.

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