Ever Wonder?
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2002-02-25 01:44:00 (UTC)

Introduction the the fictional world I am creating

Basically I'm peddling my new work of fiction about
vampires. What I post won't be in order because I don't
write in order. Any questions, just ask.

Here's the actual first part which will probably be the
only thing in order here. The narrator's name is Rei. (Call
it my left over facination with Sailor Moon.)


The darkness that surrounded my life after I died was I
welcome change from the dusty, dull existence I had been
born into long ago. I lived a life of mediocrity that
didn’t sit well with me. I managed my parent’s small estate
while working in one of London’s grand libraries. I found
that when I immersed myself in books it made the loneliness
a little less unbearable. So day after day, I sat in my
dimly lit room, reading while I prayed for something–
anything to happen.

By the time I reached my twentieth year my restlessness
grew and I craved a change I couldn’t even begin to
describe. I yearned for it like nothing I’d ever known. It
was like a need for a breath of air while suffocating. The
form in which the breath of air came in was something I was
totally unprepared for.