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2001-05-03 20:34:56 (UTC)


omg my school sucks those cheep bastards hhhhhhhha terds
terds terds terds that is like the funnyest shit omg today
we had 2 fire drills and im on crutches so it really sucks
and today i had to stay after right and danielle and
natalie and brittany and mander came to wait 4 me and then
when we left i think that danielle had planned to go with
natalie to her house but hey and today i told chris that i
think that natalie has a total atta tude problem and she
does but that is the way she is and i cant do nada bout
that i dont even care becuase well it pisses me off when
we r fighting but whatever and to day chris came to my house
cuz his dad drove me home and danielle was smacking me and
then i was like if u hit me again i swear i will have to
beat ur ass and my friends think i wont shit i will fuck up
any1 i want and belive me if i wanted to i will shit omg
natalie is on and now i have to talk to her and do some
other shits so i will ttyl buh byes

oh ya i really really really like this kid but i dont
know how to say it to him and my friends r telling me 2 get
over him but he was like my real boyfriend and now ya i
curse @ him but that does not mean i dont love him well i
do and he doesnt know this and i wish he did so he could break
up with this lil slutty lil girl and the girl knew i loved
him and she stabbed me in the back and goes out with him
well i will not say his name just in case my friends like
danielle reads this natalie and danielle tell me to
get over him but they did not no how i felt bout him and it
was such a good feeling and when we went out i felt that some
one was always there for me like if i got in a fight with
natalie or danielle and now i know that they do not know the
feeling that i had and still have for this kid i love him
and i cant tell him this it is way to hard to tell him . i
think that we loved eachother and people r like u dont need
him but i do i loved him and i still do and they never had
a real guy and natalie went out with like one of my
bestfiends kalvin he is another one i like sooo much
well not really well i cant talk no more maybe tomarrow but
im not sure love ya

nicole kiernan!!!

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