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2002-02-25 00:50:58 (UTC)


2002-02-25 00:50:58 (GMT)

I am so alone. I was just sitting here doing homework and
I realized I am so alone.

I don't really have friends anymore.

I don't do anything.

I don't go anywhere.

My God, I am so alone.

I have nothing in my life.

I am so hollow and empty.

I can't even try to fill myself.

I'm just being stupid maybe, but I feel so alone. I don't
have anyone to talk to. The only thing I can do now is
just sit and type to this stupid journal that no one really
cares to ever read.

I guess I should be grateful I have atleast this, but this
is far from the help that a friend gives.


2002-03-31 09:07:58

I just wanted to update this. My friend told me that they do do
things and that they are my friends still but I don't do anything
anymore. But you know what? I can't do anything anymore. I don't
have a life. You don't see the point. The point is that my life
sucks. TTYL

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