Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-02-25 00:37:43 (UTC)

Out At This Time Of Night?

No. I'm not.

I was earlier, seeing From Hell. I enjoyed it as a
spectacle, but thought very little of it as a film. Here
comes the soon-to-be-customary review.

Well, it promised to leave me frustrated and somewhat
outrage at the presentation of inaccurate facts and far-
fetched theories. The only good that came of its not is
that the theory they came up with was so far fetched and
distant from the truth that I was almost amused. Its not a
glamourous business, serial murder.

It had low points. 'Juwes' not being spelt 'Jewes', and a
rather odd 'linking' of all the victims, as ewll as a
distinctly savoury and underpopulated Whitechapel, but to
pick it apart on the strength of this would be futile. A
not that impressive 6/10. To the neutral....7/10 maybe.

GOOD - Some of the line were beautiful; mostly those of
Robbie Coltrane. Johnny Depp looked amazing. I don't go
that way, but if I did.... Oh, and they used the
phrase 'chasing the dragon' a lot, which is the A1 opium

BAD - Storyline was a bit weak. Too glamorous, and the
music was a little ill-fitting. A lot of people you
recognise, too, so you kept losing track as you wondered
who it was. And the word 'bordello' was not used. Shame.

ODD - The appearance of Estelle Skornik, Nicole in the
Renault ads. This gave rise to a scene of Heather Graham
and her self dressed as ladies-of-ill-repute in a brothel-
esque room. That's the dream.

It did give rise to something odd, though. It was an 18.
I've never been one for certificates. Before I was 18, I
never really wanted to see an 18 film, and now I was, I
don't care.

I was unsure how much blood/gore/guts/accuracy they would
be able to put into the film. Not much it seems. A little
disappointing, especially on the slitting of the throats.
It left me wanting a bit more, y'know.

Anyway. That wasn't the whole day. Actually, it pretty much
was. Bit boring elsewhere. Worthington Cup
Final....bath....burnt mouth on a a piece of
graphite under skin of hand. Hurts a bit.

I'll leave you with this quotes. Gems from the film.

"Under the skin of history flows the blood of London."

WILT? The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest.

Iris tomorrow. Tune in for lots of Kate Winslet related
infatue. *Wink*.