2002-02-25 00:19:39 (UTC)


I dunno quite to what to write about, my thoughts are so
spread out, im good, if your wondering. Mereidth refuses to
talk to me, but that does not bother me becasue she hurt me
and lied to me first. Im learning to trust again, tryin to
trust. Today was my conformation, and today was teh first
day I actulay wanted to be confermed. The priest said a
lifes not worth living without people, there the ones to
hurt you but there the ones to love you, life is about
people, adn you only live a good life through people. Maybe
what ive been looking for all these years is closer than it
is to far. Im recovering from it all, still and most
likeley will alwasy be looking for love. Im still waiting
for that girl to leave me breatless, though I have been
left short before, but not breatless. I still dont
understand the world around me, and will I ever? Most
likely not, but there has to be a place, for even me.