Fazzy's Memoires....
2002-02-24 23:01:40 (UTC)


50 Years in the making !!! And finnally our brave mens
from the Canada's Olympic Ice Hockey team brought back the
GOLD medal to CANADA !!! WOOOOOOT !!!


Some bad news... A very good friend of mine was told that
she couldnt talk to me anymore. Most likely cause i'm a bit
too old for her ( from her parents perspective ).

But we found a way to keep talking.. Thank god.. Cause i
love talking to her !!!

This morning woke up with a nightmare... Eeekkk... wasnt
a nice one either. I dont usually dream, but seeems that
everytime i remember a dream.. it's always a bad one =/ .
Guess if i'd be more happy my dreams would change ?
Maybe... i hope.. =)

Well CANADA won !!! wooT !!!! Gotta go celebrate !!