No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-02-24 22:49:03 (UTC)

lawn mower

well, my mom thinks a lawn mower is more important than a
daughter. Without asking if I was ok, she flipped out at
me. It was a one way conversation, then I yelled at her.
She was like "it's going to cost me $35 and labor for a new
lawnmower." It cost $7 and I fixed it myself. It wasn't
hard, you take one blade off and put another on. She said
the lawn mower this, the lawn mower that, I asked if the
lawn mower was more important than I was and she wouldn't
answer me. Lets me know where I rank in the sceme of
things. I shouldn't be allowed near them. My sister and
Deidre where all worried about me, my mom cares about the
damn machine! thanks mother figure of mine!