My Real Life Teen Soap Opera
2000-12-06 22:50:22 (UTC)

Dear diary, last night i talked..

Dear diary,
last night i talked to dillon, here is our u
can probably tell, i'm a little confused, but here it is

Pa trail digger1: hey
Smurf484: hey
Pa trail digger1: i understand about whats going
on but confusion came around the coner and hit me like a
Smurf484: i know...i shouldn't have sent that to u
b/c i know ur w/ odessa, i'm stupid
Smurf484: i'm sorry
Pa trail digger1: no no it;s ok
Smurf484: i wanted to tell u b/f, but i was too
Pa trail digger1: i went throught the same thing
Smurf484: w/ who?
Pa trail digger1: kristi kime
Smurf484: o..shes nice
Smurf484: u don't hate me do u?
Pa trail digger1: no
Pa trail digger1: your to nice to hate
Smurf484: lol...thanx
Pa trail digger1: unless you hit me in the face with
Smurf484: lol...ya, but i'd never do that
Pa trail digger1: then i would kick your ass
Smurf484: unless u really made me mad
Smurf484: lol
Pa trail digger1: lol

oh and guess what... alittle bit ago ryan called and guess
what he told me...he said he likes me, i dont' know what to
tell him, i mean, he's one of my good friends, plus...he
went out w/ another one of my good friends kayla not too
long ago, she broke up w/ him, but truthfully, i think she
still likes him...when he told me, i didn't say nething, i
didnt' know what to say...a couple min. later, my sister
needed the phone, i think he thought i just made up a
reason to get off the phone, but i didn't that was the
truth for once! well, i g/g...bye...maybe i'll write more
later tonight