Fire Star

My battle
2002-02-24 21:18:21 (UTC)

I've seen better days.

Dear Diary,

Food Log:
Saturday~ Horrible day! I ate way too much! I don't even
want to write all the things i ate here, I'm so ashamed. I
now weigh 115.5
Today~ Today wasnt so great either. I ate crackers, some
chips, a thing of fruit snax, a chocolate bar, and a
burger. I didn't gain back all the weight i lost, some
about 2 lbs. i gained. Plus i figure, all this stored up
food energy will keep me from passing out or sumthing
during my next fast which starts tomorrow.

Today was a pretty boring day. I bought some summer clothes
at the mall and a new pair of pants. That's about all.
nothing else to say

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