Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-03 19:08:26 (UTC)

*Amy: a horrible woman....*

ahh yes, one thing i forgot. I was trying to set Mike up
with Becky today.... and i dont know if she likes him or
not because she wouldnt tell Maria or Shalane, but i
persuaded him to tell me yes he would be interested in
her. He told me not to tell anyone.... but he wouldnt tell
me why. And then it dawned on me..... he doesnt want
anyone to know about his dating situation, hes
embarrassed! Just think, Mike, embarrassed. So i said i
wouldnt say anything to anyone.... but then i was bugging
him about then details and he said to me.... Amy i
appreciate your good intentions but youre a horrible
woman! I was like just sitting there with my mouth wide
open for a minute. He was kidding but still, nobodys ever
called me a horrible woman. Hmm, what does it all mean?
That i should butt out? Sorry i cant do that.