Lifes Strifes and Simple Moments
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2002-02-24 20:37:49 (UTC)

about me

ok this is going to sound really stupid so "i'm sorry"
ahead of time~
i just now realized that ya have no real clue about me
except through really stupid entries that i write whan i'm
ticked or depressed or just feeling really silly/
ok/ here we go/
my name is serena ~ i'm a freshman at NNSH in North
Carolina ~ i'm in the marching band and yes i do consider
it a sport / if ya'll had any clue how much work it took to
march around on the field at halftime during football games
ya'll might see why it should be ranked up there with
football and those other sports ~ FYI ~ for every 1 minute
of show we perform, 30 hours of practice and another 15
hours of basic training in marching technique have gone
into it ~ / /FYI again ~ the NN Marching Knights are ranked
second in the country after our performance at Nationals~
the only southern band there KICKED BUTT ~ :))) i'm a
little biased in that respect i guess ;)/
i'm kinda short ( about 5 feet tall )~ i have waist length
blondish brown hair ~ my eyes are blue green hazel and
yellow / and never the same color at night that they were
in the morning //and blue when i get highly highly highly
ticked off/ people say i looked kinda like a cat but i
don't see it ~ /in my opinion they're all looney in the head
but that's just my opinion/ i do really well in school ~ so i've
earned the nickname Brainiac Jr.~ the Jr. is becauce i'm the youngest
of my freshman friends / i can't spell worth a flip so don't get on
me if i misspell anything ~ dictionaries don't help idiots like me ~
and yes i write like i talk complete with "ya'lls" and "over
yonders" and the whole southern country hick shabang because hey, i'm
just a country bumpkin ,ya'll, living way out in the sticks!! and i'm
proud of it !! lol ;)
~~ Serena ~~

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