Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-02-24 20:37:44 (UTC)

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Must sleep....

I slept at Karens and Richards n Friday night because I was
babysitting and I went to bed at 11 last night, yes, 11!!!
I can't remember ever going to sleep on a Saturday night
before 12, unless I was drunk or....VERY tired. I had to
get up at 10 thought 'cos Shaz was coming around, so.....I
am VERY tired.

We met Sam at the B.Station and we went to Leeds. I got my
Dad Lateralus or whatever it's called by Tool for him, I
got "Mellon Collie and the infinate Sadness"-Smashing
Pumpkins and "And all that could have been"-NIN. It's a
cool live album, but it doesn't have the actual song "All
that could have been" on, so I'm down loading it now!!

Lastnight I heard "Redeemer", the new Manson song for Queen
of the Damned. I heard it when I saw it from the clip of
the film, but...I have it on mp3 now!

Noooo! School tomorrow.