Bonnie Blue Dreams
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2002-02-24 18:14:45 (UTC)


I'm starting to think that this independent thing is going
to be a pain in the butt. I was all excited about it in
the begining but now that Keoni put these two dumbasses on
my line I dont know if we will be any good. This is our
first year but I expect everyone to know how to count and
march. Dumbass #1 is behind me and he cant do anything
right, he bounces as he marches. Dumbass #2 isnt so bad,
he can count a little and he doesnt bounce, but he isnt in
time...what are we going to do? I talked to Keoni about it
and he isnt going to put them on next year...thank God!

On a lighter note...

Landis is sssssssooo sweet.


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