What you never knew
2002-02-24 17:00:08 (UTC)

My strange dream and more

Okay last nite I had the strangest dream I swear. Okay I
dont really remember the beginning of it or ne thing but I
remember that my entire family was waiting on the side of
this 10 lane highway. Well the cars were all going like 100
miles an hour and my mom, who was drunk at this point and
time, kept trying to cross the road. Every time she would
she would almost get hit. So I was all like "mom its so
easy" and my dad said "okay smart ass why dont you do it
then" so I closed my eyes and walked across calmly without
getting hit. Then my family followed. On the other side,
there was this boat shop and we were looking for the
perfect boat but we couldnt find one because I wanted a
pink one. Well then I had to go to the bathroom and right
next to the stall were railroad tracks. I tripped and hit
my head on the tracks almost cutting my head in half. I ran
to my dad and he just said "suck it up ya baby" so I pulled
out some needle and thread and sewed my head back together.
Then I woke up. It was by far the strangest dream I have
ever had in my life. AND I DONT KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!!!!
Yea ne ways. Things for me this morning are actually
going alot better just for no reason. I still feel numb and
unfeeling but its not as bad today. And I'm going over to
Matt's house today so that should help alot. Whenever I am
around him it just makes everything that is wrong in my
life be okay. I love him so much..if he only knew. Its
like, not only is he my boyfriend..but he is also my best
friend. I can tell him anything and talk to him about ne
thing and I dont even feel bad at all. Like for instance,
lately I have just been feeling like a piece of walked on
shit but I just know that seeing him today and being with
him is going to make that all better. Thats the effect he
has on me. OH!!! And I havent even mentioned his eyes
yet.....sigh... seriously his eyes are the most beautiful
thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I mean, they are
blue and all and most people would be like ooo blue. But
its not that. They are so deep blue and they have this
sparkle in them, its so hard to describe. All I know is
that when he looks at me with those gorgeous blue eyes I
almost feel speechless with nothing to say. I could get
lost in them, as cliche as that may sound but I really
could. class I'll sit there and just stare at him
and he'll look at me and be like "what, why are you looking
at me like that?" and I dont know what to say. There are so
many things about him that I just love. Another thing is
his hands. And I dont mean that in a dirty way either. They
are just I dont know how to describe it. He plays the piano
and the way that his hands glide over the just
makes me stop and watch. Haha there have been times where
I'm at his house and I'm like in the kitchen or something
and suddenly I'll hear the piano playing (no matter what
its always the most beautiful thing you've ever heard in
your life). So I go into the room and he'll be sitting
there playing with his eyes closed. I sit down on the floor
and look up at him and just watch. It holds me in utter and
complete awe to watch him play the piano. Ahh this is
getting waaay too long. I'll continue this later tonight
after I get back from his house...I'm sure I'll have more
to talk bout then :). Peace. Amie