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2002-02-24 16:48:30 (UTC)


No before you think that I am sick i mean that as in sick
of stuff that is happening to My best-friend, and lover
Shelly... I love her so much and hate the stuff that is
going on at her house. Her mom forgets about her, her
sister hates her sometimes, and her dad (the one thta siad
he was sorry about everything that has been going on) just
lets the rest of the family walk all over her. He was
suppose to talk to the rest of the family and tell them to
quit treating her like an outsider and as part of the
family. But it looks as either he didn't talk to them or
they just didn't listen to him. And they want to treat her
the way they have been for the last 3 months. Every one in
that house hates me and I know it. At first it really
bothered me. But now i really don't care as long as Shelly
is still in my life. I love her with all my heart and more.
She knows this and I know she loves me. Well I got dishes
to do. So I hope that soon Shelly will call me back soon
and tell me how everything is going. Shelly when you read
this I want you to know, I love you baby and will always be
by your side no matter what happens. And nothing, I repeat
nothing will change that love ya baby.

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