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2002-02-24 15:51:10 (UTC)

so i just woke up to a big..

so i just woke up to a big bunch of talk about tae kwon do.
my parents were out last night...at a bar. of course. and
they saw someone i used to train with. who i havent seen
since i was like 13. patrick. the boy who my mother still
apparently has a massive crush on. who all the girls
wanted. the boy who was supposed to go into the marines.
the boy who was crazy enough to practice "iron hand". the
boy who is now 23. and still remembers me as being little.
he gave my parents his number. hes a bartender at the bar
they were at. im excited to call him and hear what he knows
about everyone else...especially my old old instructor.
but...at the same time. im a little hesitant. so much has
changed. and i dont want to be a disappointment to him. im
so different from how i was back then. but, i guess ill see
what happens. i really want to see him and talk to him. hm.