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2002-02-24 15:48:09 (UTC)

FUN Weekend(Feb21,22,23)

THURSDAY: What a super fun, fun, fun weekend for me!
Thursday night Mary, Jenny and Melissa B all came up and
then Elizabeth, Jenny, Ashley and I all went out to the
Wasted Side...Haha. Of course we had minor mishap on th
way as Pat thought he wouldn't leave his door unlocked.
But have no Fear JENNY broke in with Ashley's chip card so
it was a good time. So we were freezing cold, but it is a
fun story to tell:) We finally made it to the Side and a
jumping good time was had by all. Mary had some mishap
with the DJ but i'm not sure what that was all about.
Afterwards I went over to Ashley's and hung out with some
boys until 4:00am!

FRIDAY: Finally we got to bed and of course I had to get up
at 10:00am to go shower and go to work. After work I went
to lunch with Jason and we hung out for a little while, fun
times. Then I drove my ass home well to East Lansing
anyhow. TJ and I went out to eat and then to see "The Music
Man". It was a really good musical and we both had a
rocking good time;) Let's see...then I really did drive my
ass home at 1:00am....

SATURDAY....I went to the bank with Sean and guess who
drove up next to us??? Hahaha, it was Mary how fun is
that? So anyhow after the bank the familia went to Howell
to the mall and then to the furniture store. Uhhh wasn't
the furniture store the best place ever when you were
little? So after the fun store we came home and I wrote a
paper, made a bunch of phone calls, showered and headed
back up to E. Lansing. At least this time I got to take my
poppa's truck!!!!!! I picked up Jenny and then we headed
over to Mary's, we chilled out for a few hours and then
Emily and Alicia and Gordon came over. We all got "spaced
up" and headed to a SPACE party at Sigma Phi or something.
Well...let me tell you those MSU frat parties are some fun
stuff, it is basiclly like the club, or pretty damn close!!
So needless to say my wary attitude prior to leaving was
sooon diminished and I had an awesome time with Mary and
her friends! I'm so glad she made me go with! So after we
were at the second frat party for a lil while I realized we
were really close to Sean's house.

So Mary and mozied on over...disrupted Sean and his roomies
lives for a little while then figured we should go back.
(Oh and I got my ass kicked at table soccer by one of
seany's roomies, Mike I think.) Of course when we got there
they had left us so we went to Emily's dorm and found some
guy she knew and called her on his cell phone, we
eventually found them and made our way back to Mary's. The
best part of the night was getting to sleep with Mary,
hahaha, It was like old times we stayed up till like 5:00am
talking it was so much FUN....GOOD TIMES GOOD
WEEKEND Funny note: I ate hot dogs thursday and saturday
night, I don't even like them, hahaha....DONE!

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