emo kween

i hug pillows
2002-02-24 14:51:53 (UTC)

im cold.


thats my being cold sound.

so here what happened:

i was home til like 4 and nicole picked me up and we went
to her house to hang out and then we went to coagns at like
615- and matt dauer was like, "if the bands dont show up in
a few minutes, theres not going to be a show" so of course
i was like "aahhhh", but i really had to pee so nicole and
i ran to hardees in the freezing cold and we were both
wearing short sleeves...and so after that, we went and sat
in the car because there was no way i was about to give up
on the show. so we waited...and then we thought we saw
someone we knew...and we were joking the guy because he was
retarded haha and thn we went into cogans then i was
like 'oh my god, what if its really him when we see him??"
then i wouldda felt bad. and i wouldda laughed louder. HAHA

so around 7ish we went inside cogans and we saw
casanova...breaking pangaea...liars academy and we were for
brandtson, and i dont think they ever showed up, so we
left. got something to eat. and went to emilys.

i havent seen her in awhile and i always miss her so when i
see her im like...awwww....eemmiillyy....

and so we had fun and shes just so funny and random, haha.

she cut my hair like an inch or 2 because i wantd it
shorter, and i like it better now.

we were gonna see a movie but it was 11ish and my mum
wanted me home soon for church in the morning...

and i think were gonna see a movie today.

i emailed stephen last nite. im sure he thinks im the
weirdest person. but he is too. i dont even know what to
think about him. hes...i dont know. err.

oh and i saw adam last nite at the show. :]

ok i hafta get ready now. later gator.