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2002-02-24 14:33:26 (UTC)

my parents and dream

FEB.24 I had an interesting dream tonight. I was in OO’s
house and I gave him a hand job and people kept waking
into his room. Later I went to Mountain Camp and Jason was
there as well as some people from last time I went there.
I was on a bus with a bunch of girls when I saw Jason and
one of them told me I should ask him out. Eboni was there
too and I was going to tell them what happened in the
other part of my dream but I thought better of it.
Mum thinks watching movies will give me a warped view of
sex, but I think she and dad have inflicted enough
psychological damage to last a lifetime without Hollywood
interfering. What’s it like to loose your last shreds of
respect for a parent? I’ve known that dad has porn on his
computer for a while but he had it on the background when
I was sitting four feet away. What the hell does he think
responsibility is? Just some abstract word that doesn’t
mean anything? I’m not mad at him, I just have no respect
for him anymore. I’m disappointed that he doesn’t have the
decency too think about how what he does affects Jacob. If
he acts like women are objects he I know I shouldn’t learn
from it and Ii try to ignore him but Jacob doesn’t. He
isn’t old enough to ignore things like that. Jacob looks
up to dad and dad should try to at least act like a role
model for him. Dad always insults mum's weight and it's
not even like any of it's true. Mum's in great shape and
Jacob's so impressionable, he'll probably think all women
should look like supermodels when he grows up.