El Diablo
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2002-02-24 13:55:44 (UTC)

Another day

dear diary,

There is nothing interesting to report for today....except
i finally broke into aa smile after three days of
gloomyness and scorning. I think i increased my enemy count
also over the past few days because of it. Well we have
this girl in the office (who is getting married in a months
time) who did something really silly so i just coudent hold
my smile. Thanks to her i now have a change in mood..... i
dont know how long i could hold out this way (making
enimies and all).
Atleast one good thing came out of this. I LOST WEIGHT.
Amazingly enough, i never stopped or changed my eating
habits but even then over the past few months i lost almost
15kgs!!! Sooooo many people ask me "Please tell me your
secret to how you lost so much weight in so little time"
(espically that girl in the office.....she is on some kind
of a hunger diet to lose weight for her wedding) well
Fokes......here is the secret.... fall madly in
love with someone.....the ups and downs of THIS roller coster will
definately rake havoc on your digestion.
Well, thats it for now ...... will post again at night if
anything out of the ordinary happens to me in coll.

Take care

Prashant P. S.