"The Hats" Journal
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2002-02-24 13:43:25 (UTC)

The opening

"The Hat" has now gone to bed. It is incredibly tired after
all the web-work its been doing to its area on!
Im going to be getting "The Hat" to fill out this Journal
regularly and keep you updated on what ehs up to. But
please bear in mind that "The Hat" is very busy a lot of
the time. The life of a star ehh!

Oh well, I should go wake "The Hat" up with a cup of tea,
we are off to celebrate my uncles birthday. Wonder if Ill
get a picture of him wearing "The Hat"!?
I wouldn't bet on it thou because the damn Digi-cam is
still boken!

Oh well, stay safe and all that.

- moonchild

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