One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
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2001-05-03 16:02:15 (UTC)

She's a cutter

I sent Jess feedback awhile ago about being a cutter. I
asked her if she was becuz she talked about cutting herself
in some entries. I just find it amazing that someone else
does that too. I dont really know if i would really
concider myself a cutter. But I mean, When shit pisses me
off, sometimes i just like to make myself bleed or scream,
it makes me feel if that is a cutter....than i
am a cutter....its just that i dont ALWAYS use something
sharp...I will burn myself alot too...I never really
thought about it being a problem until i read Jess's i dunno....maybe its just another problem
added on to the many of my already exsisting ones.....who
knows....well....just a thought.....
If you want to read a good "Jessi-Wessi you
simply rock"'s journal....(thats jess).. write more