One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
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2001-05-03 15:54:11 (UTC)

I'm doing E

Hello all....well, i broke up with mike. It was just too
wierd..i just want to be bestfriends with him...It just got
al wierd...I dunno, maybe I made a mistake....But i just
hope that he will go back to the way we were.
This weekend me and mike are supposed to be doing E.
(Ecstacy)....I cant wait...i havent done E in like 3
months. I dunno tho...i get reallly horny when I do
maybe I should bring some other guys to do it with me. Cuz
i dont want to lead mike on.
I just smoked a bowl....its nuggets....GOOD SHIT....I'm so
stoned from ONE FUKIN BOWL...;o)....Well....I'm gonna go
call some people I'll write more later..

What should I do? Go out with some hotties that i feel
comfortable with...or go back out with mike when i feel
wierd about it....tell me what i should do. send feedback

Hate always,

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