the life of a precious one
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2002-02-24 09:59:20 (UTC)

am i a loser?

it seems as if the whole world doesnt like me! my
neighbour's kid seemed to dislike me..i mean..i was like
asking her a question about this picture..and she was like
pushing my hand away and say dont..and when my sis talks to
her..she response!!i mean..am i that detestful? isit
because im not pretty enough?or isit im not slim enough?
hey i know i fat..and i have fats but that doesnt mean that
you jus judge someone from his/her's outward appearence??
has anyone watched Shallow Hal??im jus like gwyneth
paltrow.. but of cos..shes prettier in real like.. oh man!
if a small kid hates me...how would it differ towards
someone older?? i mean no harm to her..but yet she treats
me as a stranger..but HEY!i think she treats strangers
better!i know im not prefect..im only human...flesh fat and
blood...and i have feelings..but why do people treat people
the way they do?isit jus me? or is everyone like that?i
know im big size..its like im a giant?cos my hright is like
169?and my weight..well...above the norm..MUCH above the
norm..and when i measure with the machine,my fat count is
like 29.7%??gosh..two days in a roll..im feeling miserable..

had cheerleading practice today..the good thing was we
manage to complete the whole routin with original moves and
all...cant wait for tomorrow..cos we'll be teaching
everyone all the moves..

does anyone have any tips/secrets on how to lose weight
fast?dieting anyone?or anything??jus tell me will ya?