It smells like poop over here
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2002-02-24 07:45:54 (UTC)

just ramblin

my brother left about a week ago. i don't miss him yet,
it's almost a relief that he's gone. everyone seems so
tense when he's home. im still doin the two job thing.
tuesday's and thursday's at dish, and the others at
alger's. it sucks. between those and school, plus wrestling
(which is goin great btw) im not gettin to much sleep, and
im certainly not doin my homework. i actually feel asleep
in both math and film on thursday. when i get off of work
tomorrow, im just gonna do hw for a while, then go to bed;
no computer. this thing doesn't help me get sleep either.
wrestling is goin really good, next week the zero boys
(pat, mark and matt) won't be there. they're the assholes,
matt is ok though. but travis won't be there either, he's
cool. they're all headed up to the U.P. for a battle royal
at an indy show. i think i've been gettin a lot better, im
doin a wider variety of moves and i seem to have more ring
psychology. i got to watch a match i had like 3 or 4 weeks
ago (a tag match w/ rich and travis against the herratics)
and i didn't do too good. i did even worse in the same
match, minus travis. but that was like 2 months ago. but i
had a match today with suipsycho jerry (co-trainer) it was
pretty descent. i threw a gargoyle suplex, DDT, standing
splash, a terrible leg drop, pump handle fall away and
that's all i can think of right now. i took the "spill the
blood" (electric chair face buster), the "neckcutter" a
reverse choke slam and they guy falls too. we did some good
chain wrestling too. i think i did pretty good, except for
that bad leg drop, some weak shoulder blocks, and we only
got confused twice. i've got a long way to go, but i like
improving and watching myself excel.
marta keeps talking about this hot sophmore and this
dude she wants that goes to harvard, but then she throws
this stuff at me about me and girls that like me and girls
i like. no one in specific, just girls in general. confuses
me and pisses me off. im outty, i should get some bed, but
of course im not actually gonna go to bed. later.