Allison's Journal
2002-02-24 06:40:52 (UTC)

Sehr hectichs

Alrignt, I can barely think straight because of a lack of
element time. Today; I got up at 7, went to blasted work;
got home at 12, went to Target; got home around 1ish, hung
out w/ some kids; went to a show around 6ish; got home
around 12, and now that leads to now.

Yup, now that I've gone over all that good stuff... I
really really wish school didn't occupy so much time. I'm
not saying I want it abolished, but just less time spent
at the place. We spend so much time just sitting doing
nothing. It angers me so. Yeah, so my solution is to just
sit and whine about it.

What has recently brought up this issue again is that I'm
starting to find it harder and harder to make time for
adequate thought/attention to others. I know I've made
some rash decisions recently, and I've tried to go back and
make them right. Though none of them should have
happened. Also, things are different after something like
this has happened, whether you want it to be or not. Yeah,
so my internet time is running low, and someone needs to
use the computer. Bis spater, mein Freundinen.