This isn't life !
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2001-05-03 14:14:03 (UTC)

don't worry be happy

It's been long since last time I felt so good. Tuesday I
hadn't school because of the labor day (1st May) I slept
all day. I saw this new show on TV, called Loft story, it's
a kind of real TV, 11 singles kept in a house during 2
months 1/2 (well at the end there will be only a couple).
It's ridiculous. One of them already left, after about 4
days, because he was getting insane. I think he already was
to go in that show. Anyway I'm in fine mood.
I really don't know why I keep writing this journal, it's
so uninteresting, nobody must read it. If you do, please
send me a feedback ! Okay, so I don't even have inspiration
anymore ! Oh my God, my class is so stupid. There are
almost only girls, this is horrible. Three of them had a
row, something silly, and these incredibly silly bitches
have scribbled each other's faces on the class photo.
That's how they're immature. Normal people used to do that
when they were 6, they do it when they are 17. What a
lovely class. They hate everybody, and when they see you
they're like "hey honey, what's up ? Come and give me a
kiss" Me ? Giving a kiss? TO THEM ? I'm gonna threw up.