2002-02-24 06:02:35 (UTC)

remember yesterday, walking hand in hand...

woke up to the sound of pouring rain..
washed away a dream of you
but nothing else could ever take you away
cus you'll always be my dream come true.

i really enjoy that song right now.

so today.. today richard woke me up and i took a shower, and i had to
go get my parents from the car place and bring them back here,
then they were stupid about me going out with richard for a
while then we got my dads car and got claudia and came back
here then my parents went insane again screaming and my mom
was going to lose it she was crying and screaming and
flailing her arms like a crazy person and i was like please
calm down and shes like you dont fukcing tell me what to do
dont fucking touch me youre selfish youre not a nice person
you never do shit for me rah rah rah just going crazy and
stuf and my dad started yelling and slamming shit.. who
wouldnt be crazy.. pyschoanalyze my parents then me and im
sure they could figure me out completely... but anyway i
really didnt want like richard and claudia here for that..

then we finished stuf here and we got the battle of the
bands pictures.. and i met claudias family they're cute her
mom and grandma hugged me, her moms always so nice to me.
then we went and saw monsters ball, which was really
hardcore REAL-sad, like sad cus its so real.. i didnt like
it so much.

i feel like im getting sick again. damn it. well im guna
go to bed.