2002-02-24 06:01:40 (UTC)

Learning to Dance

Tonight was turn about, and well I had a great time.
Suddenly the pressures that were appon me were lifted, and
I all I could see was Ashleys eyes and my friends. I felt
tonight like I belonged, for the first time in a while, I
belonged, and I was happy. Homecomming will no longer haunt
me, I learned to dance, and proved it to katie. I saw
meredith too out of the corner of my eye, tracy and tegan
were there too, all my ex's, all one big story, just one
more for me to tell, so much heart break. I dont know where
im headed from here, but for some reason im not bothered by
this, passing memories, of loves lost. A very blury future,
who will lead me there, hand in hand, who will break the
curse. So many questions I dont have answers for, so much
im not ready for, yet ive come so far, learning to dance
was worth it.