C'est la vie!
2002-02-24 05:44:28 (UTC)

Home Stretch

Well it's been a while since my last entry so I have a
little catching up to do.
First off, my break up with Elisha is going along quite
nicely and I am enjoying the single life for now. I have
turned into quite the little hermit living here in Ft.
Smith. I don't really go out, or really have any friends
here. I don't mind though and am not too concerned about
The whole RCMP recruitment attempt if finally coming to an
end. It's my understanding that I will be going to
training at the beginning of April. I can't wait to go, I
have had about as much as I can handle living here. It's
about time for me to move on. I no longer work at the
Power Corp anymore and as a result I find that I am able to
go to the gym quite regularly and am enjoying it a lot.
Tomorrow is the gold medal game between Canada and the USA,
I so hope that Canada can pull out the win, I desperately
want us to win the gold.
Nothing much is new on the home front, I think about Kate
and Denise but don't really know if anything will ever
develop with them. I have also been thinking about
Sabrina, one of Terri's friends. I know that I don't
really know her all that well but I've always liked her.
She will most likely be at Tim's wedding so who knows,
something could happen...........
At this point in time I don't really have too much else to
say, so I guess I'll sign off. I'll try to make more of an
effort to write in the journal.
Until next time................