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2002-02-24 05:27:37 (UTC)

1st place!!!!!!!

Regional Science Olympiad was today.... and we WON FIRST
PLACE!!!!! It was so great. I'm so excited. We met up at
the school at seven, and all worked out rides and stuff,
and headed over to Perimeter. Our team was myself, Sarah,
Melody, Brant, Jake, Kevin, Chris, Tim, PT, Arjun, Sean G,
Joseph, Peter, Bryan and some other kid. (Mike and Anish
were at state science bowl... and they're really pissed
that they came in third) and Justin and Kevin came, of
course, along with a coupla Mrs. Kim's students who did a
trial event. Anyways, Mel and I rode together. And we got
there and set up and stuff. My first event was at 10,
which was Experimenatl Design, which was insanely easy.
Bryan, Arjun and I were like "what the fuck?" It was
designing an experiment to test the presence of various
unknown (even though they told you what they were) organic
substances. We weren't really sure how we would place
though, since it was so easy we figured everyone would do
really well. Then Sarah and I had Disease Detectives,
which we hadn't studied for at all. There was an outbreak
of probable food poising, and we bsed so much stuff. It was
really great.. I made awesome graphs. Then I had my
lunch "break", and met Sarah for Science of Fitness, which
was SUCH a load of crap. They specifically stated in the
rules taht this year all refernce materials had to fit
inside a 3 inch 3 ring binder, which Sarah and I had done.
(We were in the second event timeslot) And we go in
there, and about half of the groups have several textbooks,
and we go over to the Event Supervisor, and were
like "This isnt right", and he was like "Well, no one told
me about this rule, besides, I already let all the people
in the first time slot use books, so I can't really do
anything about it" BULLSHIT. But we went ahead and did
it, and Sarah thought we did really well, but I wasnt
really sure. (During this timeslot, Mel tested Cow-A-
Bungee by herself, since we didn't have a timeslot that we
both could, so I was nervous about that as well. Then I
had Feathered Frenzy with Jake, which I was pretty nervous
about. We did really bad on the bird calls (except for
one... I was so psyched-- they played the only one I had
learned), but we did alright on identification. That was
my last event, and then we just kinda hung out until... lot
sof sitting, and then going to the gym and watching some of
the Scramblers, which were all really BAD, except one.
Then more waiting, and people leaving without telling me
(bitches) and then the awards ceremony... we were all so
nervous. Mrs Kim and I were talking to the team sitting
behind us,a nd we told them where we were from, and they
were like "oh. You guys are going to win", and I
went "Don't you dare jinx us". As far as my events went,
1st place medal in Cow-A-Bungee, 2nd in Disease Detectives,
1st in Experimental Design, and 2nd in Science of Fitness
(I found out later that Jake and I placed 5th in F.F., so I
placed in all my events, and medalled in 4 out of 5). It
was absolutely hilarious... jake has just gotten into
Annapolis, so every time he went up to get a medal, we all
stood up and saluted him. Then when we won first place in
Mission Possible, Justin went up on the wrong side of the
stage, and took a medal (since he really should have gotten
one last year), nd we were all laughing so hard. It was
really great... we placed in every single event-- nothing
lower than ninth, and WE WON. (I absolutely loved Mel and
Kevin's answer in Water Quality to the question: Name 5 things wrong
with Atlanta's water supply... there very first item: Bill Campbell
as mayor) Mission Possible was almost a catastrophe... it went
really well (great time, all the action transfers, several bonuses)
and then in the last step, the lighter shot apart, and pushed the
match over when it lit, so it was too far away to burn the string to
launch the ping pong ball, and that was worth 100 points, and also
the only one you can't adjust during the round. But it turn out
that only one other team got their ping pong ball to launch, and they
launched it FIRST, and then had all their action trasfers, but the
scoring stops once the ping pong ball has been launched. Scrambler
was great,, Mike did an awesome job, and Wright Stuff was really
funny... at least they got the plane tro launch (after breaking it
three times), but it only stayed in the air for .3 seconds. Moving
on, we all met back up at the school, and several of us, Melody,
Sarah, Kevin, Brant, Jake and I, joined by Mike and Anish, back from
Science Bowl, decided to go out to eat to celebrate. We got Chinese,
and then webt to go see hat movies were playing (except for Mel and
Anish, they left, cuz Anish had to go home soon, and it WAS their 10
month anniversary, after all). There were no good movies palying
until really late, so we ended up renting "The Tailor of Panama", and
going over to Sarah's house (Which took us awhile, since Mike decided
to make a left hand turn at the worst possible spot) which was very,
very bad. Then after much car musical chairs, Brant dropped me off
at home, where I am now, currently reveling in our win, which sends
us to STATE COMPETITION!!!! I am so incredibly elated... as Parker
would say "it's joygasmic". I still can't stop smiling... I haven't
felt this good in a long time.