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Emo Violence
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2002-02-24 05:25:34 (UTC)

Every Girl Needs One

Starletta purchased a lot of 3 manual typewriters off ebay
for 40 dollars, we are making a trip out of it, and picking
them up to save on shipping. me alyss and alicia are each
keeping one, they will be nice. so yeah this will be my
fourth typewriter but oh well, you can never have to many,

anyway, so zac is killin me here, he told me this thing
about annie, i never knew... he loved her. over the summer,
and she liked him a lot too, and on the 24th of august at
the Auto Pilot Off show (the last show i ever did with
adam) when his band played, he had this whole plan to tell
annie that he loved her and watned to date her, because her
and todd (oh silly jerky boy) were fighting, but right as
he was about to take her to enzo's to tell her, chris made
the band leave to start recording, so he didnt tell her,
ironically enough, because she went to the beach shortly
after, todd and her had gotten back toghether the night of
the show, (and are still together) later zac told her that
he liked her, and she said thats the reason while todd and
her were fighting in the first place, beacuse she liked
someone (zac) "but that person liked someone else" though
the someone else was HER, annie.

so yeah, he hates her now, adn went to lengths to say some
mean things, it was for the best then.

im done, really, jaded and done. boys and all. done.
shows, dont even ask. nice sleep, nice friend (oh wait,
just confusing and heart breaking) so there ya go.

take me and break me
make me strong like you

your beautiful
just not on the inside.