The Xdruggie Files
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2002-02-24 05:18:40 (UTC)

X - Not the drug

It has been a week of my ex's. Troy let me know that Kevin
was now in Austin and that he had given my number to Kevin.
So i guess i will be getting that phone call. Vivian called
to let me know that Greg is in Dallas working at a radio
station there. I am sure he was floored that his past was
following him like that...everyone knows that our break up
was global (as vivian said). And then eddie calls me. HE
only calls when he is in a bad space with his BF. I dunno
what's going on, but for once i am not getting all caught
up in this!

I am also in touch with an old friend from boarding school.
I liked him then but he sent me a pic and has lost alot of
weight. He looks really good. He wants to visit. He's cute
and seriously the nicest guy i have ever met. I get off my
contract on March 13 (18 days til i can have sex!). It
would be nice to have sex mean something after waiting for
so long.

and i am soooo tired of the Melrose Place 19 drama bullshit
going on in outpatient. Only three more weeks! But what are
my chances w/o drug testing and group? I guess i'l find out
soon enough.

Is my desire for this new life outweighing my desire to use?