Mysterious Attitude
2002-02-24 04:20:25 (UTC)

Wednesday Feb. 20- Saturday 23, 2002

*Time:9:55 p,m.
*Wearing: black shirt with slit in front, black pants
*Jewelry: tha usual
*Hair: down
*Listenin to: Jon B
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Song of the day: Let's Get This Party Started-Pink
*Weather: eh its been a lil bit of everything
*Talking to: no one my away message is on
*Mood: mostly happy
*Thinking: Damn I'm soooo tired!!


Hehe I don't remember Wednesday lol. I don't have an idea
what happened on that day, so I'm guessing it isn't


I went to school, and as I was walking in Adrian
walked/talked with me! hehe I had to leave him as soon as I
got into the door tho cuz I had to give Mr. Harris his
angel. Which he liked... I think!

~*~*JOE,JUSTIN, & Tha CPS~*~*

Joe and Justin have been taken away by tha CPS(Child
Protection Service) :( I guess Justin went to school and
lied bout all this shit so tha CPS took them. I heard that
Joe may be coming home soon but I don't know bout Justin.
Let's face it, I won't ever see Justin again :(


Later that night I was bored out of my mind and Erica kept
pagin me. So I called her back, and she asked me to go
under her screen name (she gave me her password) to check
and see if this boy from her school wrote her back. So, I
did and what happens... tha boy IMs her for tha first time
lol. I talked to him for a lil bit then signed off and told
Erica. lol She was all excited and shit!! lol


I called Jack a few times also. Erica finally heard his
voice!! Anyway... I think Jack still likes me. Well, I
don't think so but everyone else does. See, I was joking
around with my uncle about Alexander (my uncle hates him
and wants to kick his ass) and my uncle told me to tell
Jack to do it for me. So while I was on tha phone with Jack
I was like Oh.. Jack wouldn't kick his ass for me cuz he
don't love me anymore. All Jack said was ok (which means
whatever/like when u don't agree with what sumone is sayin)
Erica heard all that to. From what he said it seems like he
might like me still but I dunno. I think I called him 3
times that night, 2 times with Erica on tha phone and once
with just me and him. When it was me and him we had mmm ...
phone sex. lol He started it =-Þ My God I've never really
heard a guy moan ... but its like a total turn on for
me ... well Jack did it for me for tha first time!! Omg, it
was such a shame that he had to hang up cuz sumone needed
to use his phone. Cuz I was on tha verge of cumming!! I
mean like really quick! lol Damn all he has to do is that
and he has me hehe. Then I fell asleep like a lil baby!! lol


Well, I woke up on Friday to discover that I had no school
pants clean. So I went to school at 10a.m. after I washed
my clothes. As I was walkin to my locker right before 3rd
hour Adrian walks up to me and hangs me this sticker sheet
that he made for me!! Its full of stickers with a dog (sum
kind of cartoon character) and a dolphin with my name in
blue around them!!! I was like omg omg thanks so much!!!
That totally made my day!! Everyone keeps saying that he
likes me but I don't think so. But eh... u never know lol.
Did I mention that I collect stickers? Oh yea he also
graded my test in our 4th hour and he didn't mark anything
wrong!! I had missed over 9 spelling words and he said they
were right. I had to go back and check it myself cuz I
didn't want him to get in trouble or anything over it!! :)
Tha reason I even went to school was cuz we had a choir
practice during 7th hour and I really needed it! Cuz when I
missed Tuesday they learned this African song. I caught
onto it on Thursday but I didn't master it yet. lol
after that I basically just watched tv, listened to
music, and went to bed at 3:30 a.m. cuz I had my choir
concert tha next day! :)


Today was my choir concert!!! I was sooo scared about
going cuz I'm really afraid of large crowds. I made it
tho!! We sorta sucked, I mean we sounded ok but I know we
could've done a LOT better. Once I got onstage I felt a lot
better, still nervous but I loved being on stage!!! Tha
rest of the program was good and Cental's choir kicked ass
as always. Its all good tho I will be part of that choir
next year lol. Well, that's about all I did today ... and
It made me soooo tired!!


I fell asleep for like 10 minutes at my grams house but my
sister called me so I had to get my lazy ass up. Hehe I was
supposed to call Erica back but yea I fell asleep lol. Oh
yeah George (Erica's ex) called me. He was asking me if
Erica talked bout him and if she still liked him. He said
that he likes her a lot now. Eh ... one problem tho Erica
don't like him anymore lol. I didn't tell him that but he
asked me if I would call him 3 way tha next time I talked
to Erica. I have yet to tell Erica bout him callin me but I
gotta see what she says before I do anything. :::shakes her
head:: What a life I have ... oh what a life lol.


Amanda-She asked me back out thru an email!!! You know I
said yes cuz I really like that gurl!!! So this makes like
tha 3rd time we've been going out lol. Which reminds me I
have to write her another 2 letters lol. Hehe maybe I will
get to meet her one day. Whatcha think? I hope so!


Well, I'm going to bounce now cuz I dunno what else to
type. BYE bye 4 now :)