It's my life
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2001-05-03 07:40:07 (UTC)

Thursday 12:31am

Well, I told Chuy and everything seems to be ok. I was
actually really at ease tonight at his house which was
unusual. It just felt like we were friends and never dated
until the end of the night when he couldn't committ Friday
night for us to go out to play pool. Fuck him anyways. I
already made plans to go out with a girlfriend. Who needs
friends like that. I'm cleanin house with people like that.
Kristal finally called me after 6 months of nothing, not
even a phone call to say hi. I'm just not with that shit
man. Im beginning to meet and hang out with new people and
that's definately a positive move on my part and I'm so damn
happy and proud of myself if I could I would kiss me.
Hehehe. Still, it would be nice if I could hang out with
Chuy and not dwell on our past relationship but honestly, I
just don't know if I can be ok with that. Raheem still
hasn't called and I could care less. I don't even think I'd
still be friends with him unless he really apologized to me
for his stupid ass behavior that ruined my weekend. I've
lost close to 10 pounds!!!That's another great thing I'm
proud of. I've been working out as much as possible and
haven't been snacking or eat too too bad. Still a burger
here and there because theres nothing else around here to
eat but junk. I'd just have to go buy me some frozen dinners
to start bringing to work. I can just taste victory already.
It feels great to work out and know that it's finally making
a difference. I just need to stay motivated. My break up is
what's to thank for this new found independence I have over
myself. Life isn't so bad anymore. I just need to be nice at
home and everything else I'm sure will fall into place. See