the blue period

Spanning Time
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2002-02-24 04:00:46 (UTC)

Shenanigans to the Rich

Once again I'm faced with the reality of how terrible a job can be.
People can suck big ones, and they're everywhere. I swear to buddha
that I would love to be a hermit out in the middle of nowhere. That
bullshit about just saying,"well, a job is a job,and you can't let it
be your life" is totally rediculous. How can it not be my life when I
spend six days a week there? BLEH! We are all slaves to corporate
america and it isn't gonna get any better. To hell with this fat
capitalist pig of a country. Greed and imbalanced economic structuring
is just making the fat pigs of this sad country even fatter. I say we
get some gasoline and some lighters and go torch their giant mansions
and rape their pets. Ok, we could do without the pet rape. I'd even
be satisfied with pooping on their doorsteps. KILL WHITEY! Wait, uh,
I'm white. Hmmm...

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