Excess Mental Energy
2002-02-24 02:59:42 (UTC)

weekend "off" continues

Maybe that's why I'm so boring lately - i haven't done

I did a really scary thing to my car today - you know how
on an automatic the gears go P,R,N,D,2,1? Well, I put it
in reverse to get out of the carport and then moved it
into drive to pull out onto the road (which is 55mph, mind
you.) At least I thought it was in drive... after two
miles of unusually loud engine and a peculiar-even-for-my-
car slowness, I pulled over (because i was scared that the
engine was going to drop out onto the road or something)
and discovered that I had in fact been trying to drive in
second gear. Needlesss to say I proceeded to my
destination verrrrry cautiously and was debating whether
to even admit the situation to my parents (considering
that they did buy this car) but was forced to because I
wasn't sure who else to ask for vehicular advice. (And I
obviously needed to know whether the engine was in fact
going to drop out of my car as a result of my horribly
abusive act of pushing it up over 40mph in second gear,
which according to Auntie it is not. *huge sigh of relief*)

So I discovered that someone in my honors seminar works at
Wal-Mart... yes, Beth and Mel, THAT Wal-Mart. I had a nice
little chat with him in the laundry detergent aisle as my
mom and I were picking out fabric softener.

I guess it was after all not quite so boring of a day. I'm
proud of me for not being dull. Oh, and I did finally
reclaim my pants from the dry cleaners... I am so happy to
have my pants back! :)

See y'all later