Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-02-24 02:11:06 (UTC)


Ok, being a girl sucks! Just thought I'd say that...
Well, today wasn't as dull as I thought it would be.
Opened my checking account, drove up and saw where I would
be working, got my hair "styled" not cut, styled ... and
Got my eyebrows shaped! AHD! I can't believe I did that.
Ow ... nothing like having some strange person pulling your
eyebrows out ... grrrr... They do look a lot better now.
Its a whole new me! Heh, or not...
Ok, for some reason my computer decides to not load tonight, so I missed the heat races...
grrr.... Windam broke his femur, ouch. Sucks to be him...
And I thought breaking my toe hurt, heh. But thank God for
EXPN, I get my SX live, just a bit late, yep...
Hummm ... dinner ... fried squash and flautas, heh. Nice
and healthy. Its all good! I'm going to skip English on
Tuesday ... why? Cause I want to :) ... Morgain's tattoo
is so cute! Its a little kitten, ok sounds lame. But it
actually is really cute, especially on her.
Yep, random, but I just spilt red popsicle on my
keyboard ... damn.
I had a little 'disagreement' with my Mom today. And darn I
can't go with her to pick up dad. What a bummer. Now I
get to stay how I listen to the 250 main. How bad does
that suck? heh, riight.... anyway
Ok, well... I'm done for today, nothing more I really want
to say...

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