Lizzy 8oP

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2001-05-03 06:37:21 (UTC)

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Dear Diary:
Well, diary today was a happy day today for me, I had so much fun! I started my day as usual with dance practice early in the morning and my boyfriend having to leave for a meeting he had to attend. After practice he came to pick me up because he had taken my truck to get to his meeting, which I really don't have a problem him driving my truck because he is a really careful driver, unlike me I a maniac driving, lol ... what can I say I luv speed. We went to give a surprise to my cousin who was at school in Rosemead about 15 mins. away from LA, she had no idea I was picking her up because I had told my aunt I wanted to give her a surprise at school. Me and my cousin are really close I consider her my sister more than I do as a cousin. Even though she is 3 years and 8 months younger than me it's almost uncanny how physically similar we look like each other even thought she is 3 inches taller than me, and how similar we are character wise, plus it does not help that im 17 years old and I look like a 12 - 13 year old ... lol. When we are together we act like 2 little girls because of how crazy and immature we act around each other, I really feel blessed of how close our bond is, even though she is not my real-blood cousin, but we don't care we feel more like sisters and we both feel no one can separate us only God. Well, sorry diary I got off track of what happened today, well when we got to the school my cousin attends we saw her sitting under a tree waiting for my aunt, but when we saw each other we started jumping and screaming and doing our happy dance diary, lol ... our happy dance is corny as heck too. After we got over the excitement, we hoped on the truck and Bri took us to the Montebello Mall that's not that far from the school my cousin attends. As my boyfriend know me and my cousin are shopaholic and it's dangerous if he takes us to the mall and he has money, but just for his luck I had money so I did not have to spent his money at all, but of course he had to buy me something I would like ... lol. So my cousin and I went to every single store in that mall, I swear and I spent a little over $500, my Mom is so going to have a heart attack when she sees how much money I have spent in the last month diary, im so lucky to be out of the country by this Friday, because if i was not diary there would probably won't be any Lizzy left to be walking to get my diploma next month. I forgot to mention the school district I used to attend gave me permission to celebrate my graduation ceremony with my classmates from the high school I used to attend im really so happy I got the news yesterday and I forgot to mention it. I bought like almost $200 dollars worth of CD's for me and my cousin, Monica. My Mom thinks I spoiled her too much but I don't mind if she usually want's something I buy it for her, even Bri spoils her too ... lol. But where our money went bye, bye was when we entered this store full of summer stylish clothes which of course we went crazy with the money as well as with the clothes, even Bri was helping us decide outfits that fitted us just right. He enjoyed our little fashion show we showed to him because I saw him laughing and smiling the whole time. When it was time to pay Bri wanted to pay the whole thing!, which of course I thought it was wrong and because he says he loves me so much, he would not let me pay the whole amount which it total $426.12, the 3 of us decided to we would all pay and amount, Monica paid $26.12, I paid $250, and Bri paid $150, during the whole time at the mall the 3 of us drank like 2 large Iced Cafe Mocha's blended, with whipped cream from Starbucks. After our long day at the mall we drop off of Bri at his hotel room in LA and we drove back to my aunt's house which im actually spending the night over because I really don't feel like driving like 45 minutes back home, plus my Mom does not mind, my step dad would mind but he is always in business trips I don't get to see him at all for like weeks and is never home so he does not say nothing to me. Well I g2g now diary and I hope I have days like these more often :).
~ Lizzy ~