Deep Down
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2002-02-24 01:04:47 (UTC)

So Young and Beautiful

The day is young.
So beautiful.
So bright.
Just like you.
And your life.
I wish I was in it.
Squinting in your rays.
Warming up to your beams.
Instead, I have these nights.
Star filled and silent.
Sitting on the balcony.
Listening to the ocean waves crashing upon the shore.
Just like my bed.
And my life.
If I turn on some music, maybe I won't feel so lonely.
Only sad Frank Sinatra.
I don't need love, harmonic tunes to fill my head.
I have images as it is.
I love you's.
That's all I live off of.
I breath off of.
Each breath shorter than the last.
It's not the end.
I will continue to love.
And listen to the waves crash upong the shore.
Until one day I am proud to have you in my arms.
Listening to the waves together.
And each other's hearts.
So in the mean time, keep on shining.....
My sun, my star, my sky, my moon.
You're so young and beautiful.
Never let anyone take that from you.
Even if that someone is me.

Love Always....sopreciouswords Neeley my sweet

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