Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-02-24 01:04:18 (UTC)

Radio Star: Dead.

That's right folks. Video did indeed kill him.

I'll start with an acheivement. Don't get all speech-y now,
but I finally got to the cinema to see Ali, and, well
thoroughly enjoyed it. The camera work was not the best for
me, I do prefer to see a film rather than guess what is
going on through jerks and shakes, but the base was very
good indeed.

Important things they had in the film.

REAL - At the end of the Foreman fight, Ali had a punch
ready, but didn't throw it. Will Smith didn't, but he had
it ready. Nice.

POSSIBLE - As the Foreman fight ended, the shot panned
around the arena. In the rafters - or somewhere on high, a
dove flew. It was beautiful.

ODD - I thought one of the fighters was Dan Akroyd. You
know, but gone to waste. Turns out it wasn't. So...there.

There we go. A valuable experience 6.5/10. Now only 4 to go.

I had a question, I believe, about Its A Wonderful Life. It
is a truly brilliant film, it recently ranked 9th best
ever, and I couldn't say fairer than that. I'll watch it
again in the week; I've not quite got round to it since I
got it. With the back thing going on.

I've just been watching the Top 10 Easy Artist, and was,
well, only a little impressed. It was all too obvious.
Still, big Frank did finish number one. Deservedly so.

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